How to avoid the dreaded cart abandonment

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson
Discover Content Team
4 min read
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Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate for e-commerce is a whopping 69.8%?1

As an online seller, there’s undoubtedly nothing more frustrating than seeing a customer abandon their shopping cart suddenly – especially if it was filled with a decent number of products. The good news is that many of the frictions which cause customers to discontinue their shopping journeys are fixable – you just need to know exactly what they are.

We’ve done the research to find the 8 most common reasons for online cart abandonment – from unexpected shipping charges to slow delivery options. Even better, we’ve collated some simple, effective steps you can take to fix them.  

Download our FREE cart abandonment guide now to ensure your customers – and their baskets – make it to your checkout and complete the sale.   


1 - Baymard Institute, November 2021