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For real-time shipment status or proof of delivery, all three 3 methods are available for you 24/7.

Quick check on the real-time status of your shipment by just keying in the tracking number here.

What you should know
  1. DHL Express shipment’s tracking numbers are 10 digits
  2. DHL shipment with 16 digits tracking number (e.g. 71234567891234 ) belong to DHL eCommerce. For inquiries, contact DHL eCommerce at +603-2779 2300.

Download DHL Express Mobile to track your shipment and access to DHL support through phone, anytime.

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What you should know
  1. Download the app, then tap the top-left menu button.
  2. Select ‘Track shipments’
  3. Enter your DHL Express 10 digits tracking number
  4. Click ‘Track’

Send us your shipment tracking number on WhatsApp at any hour.

WhatsApp Support

Chat with DHL Express support agents on social channel of your choice.


Our customer service are available 24/7 at this contact to assist you with all your DHL Express shipment queries.

Toll Free

1 800 888 388

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+603 7964 2800

(Standard call charges apply)

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Tracking online is the fastest way to check the delivery status of your shipment. No login is needed, and the status updates are live.

If you're tracking the shipment from a mobile device, you have 4 other options: in-app tracking, DHL Express social media, DHL Express WhatsApp support, or a phone call.

  1. DHL Express Mobile app enables instant access to the DHL shipment tracker. You can set up a shipment Download the app (IOS | Google) to get started.
  2. DHL Express Official social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, offer live customer service support 24/7. Send us a direct message to track your shipment.
  3. DHL Express WhatsApp. Send us a text at +60162994433 on WhatsApp to track your shipment.
  4. DHL Express Call line. If you prefer to call us to check your shipment's status, you can reach us at 1 800 888 388 or +603 7964 2800.

A DHL Express tracking number is a unique 10-digit combination of numerical digits assigned to your shipments. It is also commonly referred to as an airway bill (AWB) number or waybill number.

If you are the shipper, you can locate the waybill number on the shipment confirmation email or the shipment label. If a third party initiated the shipment, you may request the tracking number from them.

For eCommerce purchases, the parcel tracking number can usually be found on your purchase confirmation email from Shopee, Lazada, etc. Alternatively, you can obtain it from the seller.

DHL Express tracking number consists of 10 numerical digits that look like this: 1234577890

On your shipment label, it looks like this:

The first tracking status appears when the shipment reaches a DHL Express facility. Our tracking system uses timestamps to provide instant and precise shipment status, with each status being location-tagged and reflecting real-time updates that typically appear within a few minutes after the shipment reaches a milestone.

Yes, you can, but it will not as straightforward as tracking using a waybill number due to privacy protection measures.

If you’re the recipient of the shipment, you can obtain the waybill number from the shipper and track your shipment online or you can call our hotline for assistance.

Shipment Status Meaning
Shipment Information Received A shipment has been created in the DHL Express system, and a unique 10-digit waybill number has been generated for it.
Supplementary Information has been Received and Merged with Applicable Shipment Data Additional shipment information has been added to an existing shipment in the DHL Express system.
Shipment Accepted A shipment record is created and accepted by DHL Express.
Shipment Picked Up Shipment has successfully picked up by DHL Express courier
Arrived At Sort Facility The shipment has reached DHL Express's sorting center from the location indicated in the previous status update.
You will encounter this status multiple times throughout your shipment's journey, and each appearance signifies a different stage of progress.
Departed Facility Shipment is dispatched and departed from the previous indicated location to the next.
Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange Clearance Shipment has arrived at the destination country and a notification has been sent to custom broker to clear the shipment
Processed For Clearance Shipment has been checked, and all required documents have been reviewed by customs
Clearance Processing Complete Shipment has successfully cleared by the customs of the destination country
Shipment will be Cleared and Delivered by Broker Shipment is awaiting to be cleared and delivered by the broker appointed by importer.
Transfer Through Shipment is going through DHL gateway in the location indicated
Arrived at Delivery Facility Shipment arrives at the DHL delivery facility of the destination country.
Awaiting Collection by Consignee The shipment has arrived in the destination country and is awaiting pickup by the consignee in person.
Scheduled for Delivery The shipment has reached a DHL facility in the destination country, and the delivery has been scheduled by either DHL or a third party.
Shipment is Out with Courier for Delivery Shipment has collected by a designated DHL Express courier and is heading to its final destination.
Delivered Shipment has been successfully delivered to consignee
Shipment is On Hold The shipment has reached a standstill at one of the checkpoints in its route to the recipient.
Delivery Attempt Could Not be Completed The delivery was not successful
Delivery attempted but no response at Consignee address Delivery was made but no one was at the recipient’s address to collect the shipment.
Returned to Shipper Shipment has been sent back to the original sender
Delivery has been Arranged through a Third-Party Service. Delivery Details are not Expected A third party has taken over the last mile of the shipment journey. There is no need for the shipper or recipient to take any further action or provide additional details.
Further Consignee Information Needed The shipment requires further recipient information to continue its progress.
On Hold Awaiting for Payment of Shipment Related Fees Shipment is being held up due to unpaid shipment fees (e.g import duties and taxes).
Payment is Received and Recorded for Shipment Related Fees The fees imposed on the shipment have been received by DHL
Scheduled to Depart on the Next Planned Movement The shipment is currently at DHL gateway but is scheduled to be loaded onto a future flight

Each status update will be accompanied by a location tag that indicates the real-time location of the shipment.

DHL Express will not be able to assist in tracking DHL eCommerce parcels, as we are 2 different entities with separate operating systems.

To track your DHL eCommerce parcel, you can enter your waybill number on this portal or call DHL eCommerce at +603 2779 2300 for support.

DHL Express is a distinct entity within the DHL Group, specializing in international shipping. We do not handle domestic shipments.

All domestic shipments, including those from Shopee, Lazada, or local eCommerce sellers pertains to DHL eCommerce. To track these domestic shipments, you can use the tracking feature on this portal or contact DHL eCommerce directly at +603 2779 2300 for assistance.