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Sustainable aviation fuel: Your path to greener credentials

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Your customers have never been more concerned with your environmental practices. Discover the important role DHL’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel initiative is playing in helping enterprises of all sizes improve their sustainability – and how your business can join them.

What is GoGreen Plus?

DHL Express has recently launched GoGreen Plus, a dedicated solution to help businesses reduce the carbon emissions associated with their shipments through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel. SAF is a biofuel that is produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats, waste products, and agricultural crops. SAF is specifically designed to be used as a substitute for traditional jet fuel and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil fuels.  

Adding GoGreen Plus to your shipment is easy!

You now have two options to select GoGreen Plus with DHL Express: either on a contractual basis, or when choosing your shipping service through MyDHL+


Why it matters - Now More Than Ever

Sustainability is one of the most significant trends to impact all industries in recent times. Within the e-commerce sector, online shoppers are increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of their purchases. DHL’s landmark program to allow customers to use Sustainable Aviation Fuel for their deliveries allows you to meet this demand for sustainable products.

With GoGreen Plus, your business also has a unique opportunity to address consumer demands for sustainable products. 

What is the benefit of GoGreen Plus?

GoGreen Plus gives you the chance to transform your environmental impact by insetting—reducing the carbon emissions associated with your shipment by investing in the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) within our network.

This is in contrast to “offsetting” – where businesses “neutralize” their emissions through environmental programs like reforestation and habitat restoration projects. Insetting is a more direct and meaningful way to measure progress in reducing emissions. 

How does it work?

Contact your sales representative to learn how to add GoGreen Plus to all of your shipments, or simply choose the GoGreen Plus optional service in MyDHL+ as an add-on to select shipments. Ship with your account now

Don't have a DHL account yet? No problem— adding GoGreen Plus to your shipment is easy. When creating a shipment on MyDHL+, tick the box that says ‘GoGreen Plus’ under ‘Optional Services.’ Learn more

To help you get started on your green journey, use the promo code ‘GREEN35’ to save 35% on your next shipment when you ship with a credit card. Ship Now


Terms and Conditions

*Offer valid through 11:59pm EST on 12/31/2024. Discount applies to export shipments from the U.S. Must ship online using a credit card. No account required. Use DHL Promo Code GREEN35. Discount applies to published standard transportation rates only, excludes additional services or charges. All services may not be available in all areas. Services are subject to DHL’s terms and conditions as published https://mydhl.express.dhl/us/en/legal/terms-and-conditions.html and/or as set forth on the waybill of the country of origin. This offer is subject to change without notice.

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